The Anglosphere Challenge


      James C. Bennett has been a founder or cofounder of several companies in the area of private space launch and Internet transactions and remains active in those fields. As part of those roles he has been involved in formation and implementation of technology law and policy, including serving on the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee of the U.S. Department of Transportation and giving invited testimony before Congress.

He has written in a variety of venues including the Wall Street Journal, Reason, National Post, Orbis, National Interest, and National Review Online, and has been a contributor to three books on technology and society. He has been, since 1986, a founding director of the nonprofit Foresight Institute, which deals with education and research on nanotechnology, and the related Institute for Molecular Manufacturing. He wrote a weekly column, The Anglosphere Beat, for United Press International for three years. He is an Adjunct Fellow of The Hudson Institute.

Bennett is married and lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with his wife and child.

Bennett and his colleagues have formed a nonprofit organization, The Anglosphere Institute, to conduct policy research and further the concepts of the Anglosphere and the Network Commonwealth. The Institute’s website can be found at and can be reached by mail at P.O. Box 15268, Suite 600, Alexandria, Virginia 22309- 9998, USA.

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